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In Greek Mythology, once Pandora had opened the box and released all the sorrows, these evils spread all across the earth. Of course, this was inevitable; you give a girl a pretty box, tell her not to open it, it just peaks her curiosity! Just imagine if a guy put a ring box on the table...girls, you`d open it ;) After Pandora had released all these evils, the one thing left at the bottom of the box was hope.

My boyfriend`s mom gave me this necklace along with a few other pendants, but when she gave this to me, she told me how she knows a lot of people think these inspirational bracelets or necklaces are so cheesy, but she thinks wearing them can sometimes empower you. We joked that these jewelry pieces probably work better than the power band my boyfriend and his brother both wear!

I love the simple design of this piece, and how the letters are fit into a circle. It makes it more unique than just the letters going straight across. From a distance, it just looks like a simple circle pendant, and you can`t really see what it says until you get closer. I like the story she told me, and this necklace reminds me to always have hope, even on my worst days.

<em>What do you think of jewelry with inspirational messages? CHEESY OR NOT? </em>

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