Givenchy - Powder Brush

4 years ago

It`s very very dense unlike any of the brushes that I own and I really enjoy that feature. I recently bought this make up brush good for powder but the lady at Sephora told me that it`s good also for blush..yah we`ll see...for selling they can probably say everything....anyway..I just bought it because I wanted for so long but it`s very expensive and only because this week I had a 20% off, I decided to buy this 39,90 euro brush!!! Expensive right? Yes, it`s definitely overpriced considering that it`s made in China which shock me more than everything because even if right now everything is made in China, I didn`t expect that a luxury brand like Givenchy decided to made they accessories there: unbelievable at least for me...
Maybe just for that I had to decided to leave this in the store.
It`s really soft and dense but it has already shade after the first wash and I`m curious to see how it can react after several uses...will see..

I made a comparison photo near other brushes with a normal size and as you can see this Givenchy one is shorter than others even if is not a travel brush...this quality I didn` understand very much but I have to say that I love this size..not too long not too short.
I also like the rubbery material which is made of the handle but I`m scared this can be an igienic problem...
I basically love this brush but I really can`t get over the Made in China feature...this makes me mad...sorry Chinese people nothing against you but I don`t feel you like a good manifacture state.
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