Girls: Pee While Standing?

5 years ago

Hello Luuuxers! Happy Friday! So here`s something interesting. In summary this thing is pretty much a pink silicone penis for woman. Yup. Awesome. This is especially awesome for people who love to camp, boat, hike, ski, travel, everything outside of the home or a sterile environment. I personally don`t sit on toilets, i hover above them so germs aren`t spread onto my body. And its really hard to find a good place to pee when you`re out camping or fishing. This GoGirl will help a girl pee anywhere she wants! At first i was like, what in the world.... but after thinking about it, it`s kind of a good idea.
I looove that:
it`s made out of germ-resistant medical grade silicone
it fits in a tiny unnoticeable tube
it`s reusable (saves the environment, go green!)
if it`s held correctly, you can pee like a guy. no dribbles.
it comes with wipes and a bag to put it in after use
it`s small and flexible, will fit in any hiding place
it`s pink ( SIDENOTE: this product also comes in a camoflauge design!)
it`s $9 - $13 which is a great deal!

The one thing i don`t like about this product so much is:
out in public or nature, after use you`re to put the GoGirl in a provided little baggie until you`re able to wash it.
this is a good thing, really, but i think it`s just kind of gross to think about having a bag full of pee germs, although there should never be any `debris` (for lack of a better word....?) left behind, because of it`s silicone material, it just gives me the eeby jeebies sometimes.

another thing you should know about this product: on the website it is sold in packs as well as singles. this product is entirely 100% reusable, so in my opinion there would never be a need for spending $135 on a pack of 13 GoGirls. I just wanted to make you all aware that this product can be washed and used over and over!

Anyways, overall the pros definitely outweigh the one and only con of this product! although it is tricky to master at first, it`ll get better with more practice. and the website for this product recommends to practice in the shower until you get it right, which really isn`t a bad idea. then, anytime you have to pee outside of your home, you`ve got a great (and environmentally friendly!) alternative to touching your butt to other butt`s germs.

Would you ever use this?

Happy luuuxing!
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