Girls`-Night-In Snack: Tortilla Chips, Guacamole, ChiliampCheese, amp Steamed Dumplings!

4 years ago

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Last week, two of my close friends and I had a girls`-night-in, so we decided to make some things to snack on while we chatted away :) Most of my friends like to go out and drink, party, etc., but I`m not into that whole shabang, so it was just nice to stay in and enjoy each other`s company :D We talked about just about everything under the sun, and it really made me appreciate how lucky I am to have amazing friends like them! Making the snacks together was fun, and they were really delicious :D Keep reading for more details on what we made/ate!


<strong>Tostitos Multigrain Scoops</strong>: Most chips won`t be too good for you anyway, but we wanted to try the multigrain kind to feel as if we were making the healthy choice :P These are trans-fat free, gluten & milk free, onion-free, and MSG-free! They`re still a little high in sodium, but they tasted pretty good both alone and with the other things we ate them with :)

<strong>East Coast Fresh Cuts Fresh Salsa from Harris Teeter</strong>: Such a long name, but the fresh salsa you can find at Harris Teeter is actually really good! The great thing is, it`s only 4 calories per 2 tablespoons :D It`s made with tomatoes, cucumber, green & red pepper, red onion, cilantro, lime juice, tomato juice, garlic, pablano & serrano pepper, and salt. I`ve tried the fruit one, and absolutely love it too!

<strong>Guacamole</strong>: We actually bought some avacados, mashed them up, then we mixed the salsa into it to create the guacamole :) It turned out really good!

<strong>Chili & Cheese</strong>: Very self-explanatory, but we just bought pre-made chili (not sure what kind), and put some shredded cheese on top, then heated it up in the microwave :)

<strong>Steamed Dumplings</strong>: Okay, this is probably not the best thing to eat with chips & salsa, but being Korean, we had to add in some dumplings ^^; Of course, it wouldn`t be complete without some soy sauce on the side! These were pre-made as well, so we just threw them in the microwave too~


That`s it for the snack of the night! Although it wasn`t the healthiest snack ever, sometimes you just need to indulge; especially when you`re with good company :D Everything was really good, and fit perfectly into our girls`-night-in! Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe try it sometime!

<em>What do you think of our snack? :) Have you ever had a girls`-night-in? If so, what did you do/eat?! Let me know in your comments below!</em>

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