Girls Lift Weights for WHAT?!

4 years ago

In todays era more and more girls are lifting weights and not juts the pretty colourful ones, the super heavy ones I wouldn`t even be able to lift with two hands if my dinner depended on it! I always wondered why girls would actually want to do this kind of exercise because to me it honestly did seem more of a male orientated exercise but I was pleasantly surprised with what I actually learned.

<strong>Girls Life Weights for Bigger Boobs!</strong>
So many of the forums actually shocked me at the stupidity of some of the younger girls who are starting off lifting weights. It turns out many girls start lifting weights in an aim to tone up their stomachs and chest muscles and in turn achieve a fuller chest! Let me step one thing very straight, (boys may wanna look away) breasts are made up of fatty tissue and so lifting weights will in no way help to `bulk up` this fatty tissue and therefore lifting weights will not help your AA`s go do DD`s!!

On a more positive note, one reason I found quite interesting as to why girls lift weights is because <strong>lifting weights help you to burn more calories in the long-run!</strong>
The way this happens is that muscles make up a huge amount of the mass in everyones bodies and so when you try to make that mass even greater it will definitely benefit you in return. While you may burn more calories in an hour long cardio session than in an hour long weight lifting splint, lifting weights will increase your muscle mass and muscle mass burns more calories than other mass!

So while I think I will still stick to my exercise bike and the 1KG weights, I definitely appreciate why girls like to lift weights.

What do you think? Is weights a suitable exercise for girls? Would you lift heavy weights in your exercise routine? Comment and rate thanks!=)

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