Girl Removes Makeup After 2 Years, Now Has The Skin Of A 40yo

5 years ago

Imagine 2 years with makeup on. It seems like something impossible or that no one would but its not.
A South Korean girl named Dal-mi Bae is 20 years old and is being now talked about because<strong> for 2 years she didn`t took her makeup </strong>and said she "always wanted to look perfect". She replayed makeup always, layer by layer, but without fully remove it and she also said she slept with makeup on in case you are wondering.
After being convinced by her dermatologist and mom to take the makeup off, the doctors analyzed her skin and confirmed that she had now the skin of a 40 year old woman due to 24/7 makeup for 2 years.

I don`t think there is anything wrong with woman using makeup, but using it for 2 years and can`t bare to look at herself and being seen without it, so much that the makeup was always on, even when sleeping, to be "perfect", it seems to be a more deep emotional issue and not just a love for makeup.
I actually think she looks beautiful without makeup and she really shouldn`t worry about "always looking perfect".

<strong>In the pictures you see :</strong>
1st - Before with the makeup
2nd - After removing the makeup
3rd - Comparison
4th - With the dermatologist

<strong>What do you think of this story?
For the female luuuxers, could you stay that long with makeup on?</strong>

(picture from the source - first two images were edited/cropped by me from the 3rd picture that belongs to the source)

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