Girl Removes Her Makeup After 2 Years !!

4 years ago

Hey everyone! So today i am going to share with you this story of a young girl who didnt remove her makeup for good two years. I am pretty sure that u know about her already but in case you didnt.. Then basically, she was just any other simple girl who was introduced to makeup in her teen years.. She was just 14 when she furst started using makeup .At that time she says that she didnt know much about it.. but later she started to discover her talent for makeup and started wearing it all the time. She also said that she wanted to look perfect at ALL times so she even wore makeup while she was going sleep. She basically just carried on packing on the makeup without really taking any off. Anyways, above is a picture.. on the left is her with makeup and on the right is her without makeup . The doctors said that her skin is two times older than her age. She is 20 years old at the moment... so her skin should be of a 40 years old lady! Thats so WIERD! and odd... it is a bit SAD!! What makeup can do .. ?
I think stories like this .. always should show us that makeup doesnt make you perfect! and by wearing it all the time .. you wont look PERFECT! I think that this is very very important because Im a person who loves to wear makeup .. but i defo remove it .. :)

Anyways.. what are your thoughts on this story?
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