Girl Meets Mommy World: What I wasn`t Expecting (Month 1)

1. That I would never be able to put my newborn down to do something ever.. and I mean ever. I always have to put him to sleep, and sometimes even this fails since he senses that I`m no longer holding him and wakes up, or pass him off to someone else so I can do mostly anything, even run to the bathroom for a minute. I love this little guy so much however I am human, and sometimes, nature calls! I even had to put a pause on this blog after typing the title to take him for a drive to get him to take his nap. And no, I`m not kidding.

2. That I would not be able to keep up with him enough to breastfeed. My whole pregnancy I was completely 100% set on breastfeeding and just breastfeeding. It didn`t happen and yes I feel guilty. My little guy, who was born at just over 6lbs went very quickly from 1 ounce to 3 1/2 ounces every three hours. My milk wasn`t in yet when he was born 2 weeks early so the hospital had to start him on formula. He adjusted super quickly to the quickness of the bottle and was always upset with the slowness of my breast. No big deal, I decided to pump. Whoa! People are not kidding about the calories this burns. I felt like I was in a constant state of starvation and sleep deprivation and along with my aching back and healing stitches, I just couldn`t keep up. I gave up and unfortunately lost my supply. I still feel guilty, but my little guy is healthy and I was able to heal. Now I can be up around the house with him, so you win some and you lose some. Now I know what to expect if I ever have another kid.

3. Formula issues, formula issues, formula issues. I won`t go into too much detail but oh my goodness can finding the right formula for your baby be difficult! Hang in there moms, you`ll get there if your having this issue. My boy does best on Similac soy, but wow was it quite the (poopy) adventure to figure this out! Always talk to your doctor about switches and advice, don`t be scared of calling too much, your baby`s health is more important and if your doctor has an issue with this, find a new one! Mine has been great!

3. How much sleep deprivation truly sucks. And continues to suck. That is all.

4. How impatient I would get. Obviously I love my baby, I love him unconditionally and don`t mind doing all the necessary things for him. But after a solid day and night of no sleep, I can get a little impatient wondering why in the world this child does not want him or me to sleep. My best advice to moms feeling this way: take a minute, hold your baby, look him in his beautiful little eyes and feel all the love that overflows within you. Because yes, all these little moments are worth everything. And don`t spend too much time feeling guilty over the times you get frustrated. You`re new at this and it takes some time to adjust and figure things out. Beating yourself up over human moments will only take away from the joys of your new baby! Remember, you`ll miss these moments when he`s older!

4. The judgement. I always knew people judged other peoples way of parenting but I did not think this started the second you announced you were pregnant. My advice: Ignore them and do what YOU think is right. This is your child, not theirs. If your baby is happy and healthy your doing something right, right?! Advice can always be helpful, judgement is NOT! Example: you are not the worst mom in the world if you take a night off to yourself while your baby is with someone you trust. And don`t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Overall, I love being a mommy and my little guy is my biggest blessing in this world <3 I thank God and Jesus for him every day :) I`m truly blessed in this life.

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