Girl Eats her own Tampon

4 years ago

Recently a viral video came up and it was supposedly a girl sucking on her own tampon. When I heard of this I didn`t believe it because i thought it was a joke. WELL It`s NOT. I looked it up and was watching reaction videos and im like, ok I HAVE to watch this video now because I was curious.

I didn`t want to post the video on here so i`ll just provide a link at the end if you want to watch it.

This girl is an idiot i tell you. I looked up her name , Giovanna Plowman and she apparently did it for fame. SERIOUSLY? There are so many ways to become famous like make comedy,beauty, or singing videos and she chooses to suck on her own used tampon.? She also has a twitter account which she has been using to troll and tell people how worthy and famous she is and how people that are hating on her are jealous. Um Girl no one is jealous that you sucked on bloody tampon..Unbelievable. She is insulting to the human race. She is the most disgusting creature i have ever seen.

I know it`s okay to be weird and stand out but she is just being an attention whore! No one benefits from her sucking on a tampon, it`s just not okay.

She`s also gotten lots of hate and online bullying but I don`t feel sorry for her. She asked for it.


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