Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation amp Concealer Review

Now and then, a product comes along that is truly revolutionary not simply that it claims to do everything you could possibly imagine (including the dishes), but something that truly re-invents the category. The new Giorgio Armani Maestro line does just that. Stick with me through what has turned out to be one of my most thorough reviews ever, and youll understand how this makeup is so different from anything and everything youve ever tried.

Coming this October 2012, Giorgio Armani will be launching two new formulas that are unlike anything youve ever used before. The Giorgio Armani Maestro ($68 CAD) and Giorgio Armani Maestro Eraser ($45 CAD) are both revolutionary complexion perfecting products using an ultra-fine oil-pigment suspension. Before you get scared by the word oil (society has given oil such a bad rep..), follow along and Ill explain why its actually a good thing.

The Maestro line features a high-slip fluid that spreads evenly over skin and blends unlike anything youve ever tried before, without the feel of makeup. Seriously- this liquid is as thin as water, yet as you apply it to your skin, it feels dry. I cant really explain it better then that- youll have to give it a try to understand what I mean. That feeling comes from the unique combination of five volatile, semi-volatile and non-volatile oils (volatile means they evaporate).

The volatile dry oil gives that fresh feeling to the skin as you apply it, while the non-volatile complex nourishes your skin to keep it looking fresh and youthful all day (and that is a claim that is absolutely true). No more settling into fine lines, no more drying out throughout the day, no more flaking or having a heavy cake-like appearance.

The Maestro Foundation literally changes the game. Shown here in Shade 4.0, it was created without water or powder (a usual standard in foundation formulas), yet it is totally non-comedogenic and I havent broken out from using this (and that says a lot coming from an acne-prone girl with sensitive skin). With 12 shades in the USA (9 in the rest of the world), this foundation is probably one of the quickest, easiest to apply and most skin-like formula Ive tried. Ever.

The line also features a smart pigment technology which allows the foundation to truly mesh with your own skin tone by delivering the thinnest color film possible due to its low surface tension (aka it glides along your skin with ease). This also gives your skin a velvety soft feel, but not like youre wearing makeup. That dewy feeling you get from hydrating foundations? You wont find that here. It gives you moisture and hydrating without feeling it on your face.

The foundation features an eye dropper type applicator, which is something Ive never seen before. It allows you to control how much makeup you use. Not really essential, but its kind of cool! Essentially, its not really a foundation at all by definition- its a new complexion perfecting product in the world of beauty.

The Maestro Eraser, shown here in Shade 4.0, uses the same technology as the foundation to deliver seamless blendability, coverage and weightless feel, but it also contains haloxyl, an active ingredient which eliminate iron and pigments which contribute to dark circles. Essentially, it contains added skincare benefits to not only cover your dark circles, but to help eliminate them with continued use. Literally, it is a dark circle eraser.

Above and beyond that, the Maestro Eraser contains peptides to reinforce the skin structure to help promote elasticity and firmness of the vascular network in the eye contour area (its actually helping to prevent dark circles from reforming, too).

The Maestro Eraser also contains moon light, a mirror-reflective particle that gives the skin a beautiful lustre, allowing the eye area to glow with youthful radiance (but not a hint of shimmer at all). This concealer, while working great for under the eyes, really should be kept to that area- I found because it is so thin and fluid, combined with its luminous finish, its not appropriate for blemishes or other discolorations on the face. Id recommend a thicker, cream-type concealer for those imperfections because its much easier to be precise this concealer really spreads itself evenly, making it hard to be precise.

I also found the concealer to run a bit darker than the foundation with the corresponding color, so use the color charts Ive included to match your skintone (even though these formulas are extremely forgiving). This shade is a little darker than I would usually pick for concealer, but I can still make it work.

If youve stuck all the way through this science class, bravo. Id be happy to answer any questions you have about the science behind this technology, because not only am I fascinated by it- I truly love these products. The before and after photos speak for themselves, I believe. Ill be doing a video soon to show how the product works in action, so you can see the transformation for yourself and get a better understanding of the texture.

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