Ginger Tea Cubes?

5 years ago

like many women, i get really bad cramps around my *ahem* "special time" each month. my mommy shipped me a box of this "ginger tea" in a care package and told me to drink it when necessary. chinese people and their herbal remedies...

i wasn`t feeling so great so i made a cup of this tea yesterday. it comes in dry cubes that you dissolve in hot water, kinda like sugar cubes. appetizing!

once it`s fully dissolved though, it`s not too bad. it actually tastes quite good! i don`t think it`s outrageously ginger-tasting. it`s mildly sweet, which is nice. i think the main thing that turns me off about this tea is still the fact that it`s in a dry cube form. not the classiest! :P

did this actually help my cramps/other symptoms? i`m not actually quite sure. i took this in conjunction with a tylenol extra strength and the pain eventually subsided. pretty sure it was the tylenol that did the trick LOL but the tea wasn`t unpleasant or anything. i just don`t think it actually does anything for my menstrual symptoms.

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