Ginger candy.. yes its made from fresh ginger. :P

5 years ago

mmmmm.. does ginger candy sound yummy to you guys?? Actually the first time my co-worker brought this to work, I was kinda hesitant to try it just because the idea of "ginger" in a candy is not too appealing. The first time I tried it, I took a big bite and immediately felt the spiciness of the fresh ginger in my mouth!.. -_- ` I then learned that its more enjoyable to eat little by little.

how to enjoy the ginger candy:
You can either eat a small bite at a time or mix it with green tea. The candy is made of minced fresh ginger and sugar, its texture is like minced ginger mixed with honey.

My coworker gave me this because I had a cough and cold and she said that ginger helps with sore throat. I mixed one candy with a big mug of green tea and drank it while its hot. After finishing the big mug, my throat kind of calmed a little and helped with my cough. She said its also good for stomach ache. At least now I know what to drink when I get stomach aches other than pepto bismol. :D

* ginger candy can be bought at Eden Center or any vietnamese market. hurry and get your ginger candy tho, because they only sell this during Lunar New Year!!! each bag costs $1.50 @ Eden Center.

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