Gift Guide: Inexpensive But Thoughtful Gifts

5 years ago

Is it your friends birthday soon ? Christmas? Easter? Valentine`s Day? You`re strapped for cash? Well here are some tips and tricks and also some great ideas for gifts for any occasion :D I know personally I would love to recieve this from anyone because at the end of the day the thought is really what counts !

<strong>Tips&Tricks </strong>
1)Buy things in packages this is exceptionally well especially when you have to buy things for multiple people. Break it up put the products that you think the person would like , like match colours, scents, etc.

2)If you`re unsure get sample sizes, don`t spend thirty dollars on something you are unsure whether they will like it or not, get a sample and maybe a note saying I will go on a shopping date with you and pick it up for you if you enjoy it or you know whatever because those are the things that people will see that you took time and thought into their gift.

3)If you don`t have much money get or make them a card and say on it , I`ll take you to a movie or a dinner because that time that you`d spend with them and the fact that you show you want too is what really uplifts everyones spirits.. not everyone is into materialistic gifts ;)!

4)BAKE BAKE BAKE, I know especially for guys, that one of the most enjoyable things for them to do is EAT. So cook a fancy meal or bake them brownies.. Once again yummy , inexpensive and you get to spend some time with them.

So these are very few things that you could easily come up with for someone , share yours down below!

In my goodie bags!
I gave these to my friends at Christmas ! :D
- Clinique product(I gave each friend a different item, masacra, lipstick, lipgloss, blush, eye quad,etc)
-XOXO body lotion got this in a pack and all of the lotions smelt great!
-Chocolate Waffers cute thing to add especially for around the holidays!
-Necklace depending on who they were I matched up with what they would like and what they`d look good in!

Sooo tell me what you think!! :D


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