Giant Lollipop from Disney World!

4 years ago

It`s been a tradition for me ever since I was little that, every time I go to Disney World, I get a giant lollipop! So when I went to Disney while on vacation a couple weeks ago, I stayed true to my silly tradition and found a wonderfully awesome giant lollipop! Haha :)

I included a picture of the lollipop next to my hand for size comparison. It`s huge!! I felt like such a little kid buying it, lol. I like it because it`s girly and has some of the Disney princesses on it :) The bad part is how much sugar is in it, lol.

The lollipop itself has NINETEEN servings!! That`s crazy! Each serving has 60 calories (not too bad, actually) and 14 grams of sugar (whoaa!!!!). There`s zero fat in it, so I guess aside from the insane amount of sugar, it`s not too, too bad.

I`ve been home from vacation for almost 2 weeks now and have yet to open this giant lollipop up, lol. I might wait until I go back to school at the end of August and share it with my roommates... There`s just no way I want to eat it all by myself! Haha, when I was a kid it was no big deal because I would take me days and days to eat it (particularly because my Mom would only let me eat a little bit at a time, lol), but now I feel like if I wasn`t careful, half of it could be gone without me realizing! No thanks, lol! :P But then again, I did buy so I should eat it :) It`s tradition, after all!

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