Giant Hershey Kiss!

5 years ago

I got this huge solid chocolate Hershey Kiss from my Mom for Valentine`s Day! It`s kind of tradition that I get one every year and I always look forward to it because it`s awesome! The whole thing is solid milk chocolate and it`s absolutely delicious!!

I consider myself quite the chocolate lover but I could never ever eat this all at once, lol. There`s just so much! It`s definitely one of those things you could get sick off from eating too much of it, lol. Once you take one bite, it`s hard resist the rest! I had to tell myself to keep putting it down so I wouldn`t eat it all at once, lol. It tastes just like the normal Hershey Kisses (which I sometimes feel I could eat a million of, lol) except it`s on a larger scale! This one was wrapped in pink foil which I thought very appropriate for the holiday :)

I think a giant Hershey Kiss like this is an awesome Valentine`s Day gift! It`s more unique than a traditional box of chocolates, but it`s still something sweet and edible, lol. I love normal Hershey Kisses, so having a giant one is just awesome!! :D

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