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4 years ago

Hi Luuuxers

I recently bought a mini perfume set which has 6 perfumes in it but they are not normal size they are tinier but they do have a lot of product in them. I like to but these mini perfumes first so that I can use them then decide weather to buy the full size. One of the perfumes was a ghost deep night perfume and I really like this perfume because its strong but not too strong and the bottle looks amazing its in a dark purple bottle the shape is hard to name. I really like the perfume it is quite strong but not too strong it kind of smells of flowers and candy which to me is a good combination. The only thing it didnt like about the perfume was the bottle it is not a spray one so its hard to get the perfume on you without spilling any so that was quite annoying. I really like ghost perfumes because they are really great smell wise and there not too expensive but Im still willing to buy money for a good perfume as its something you will be using almost everyday. Im not to willing to spend a lot of money on one makeup product as I dont really wear make everyday therefore it makes me feel weird buying one makeup product that cost the same amount as a perfume. How much will you spend on a perfume? What is the most you have spent?

Thank you
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