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3 years ago

Before my first beauty books I was a makeup virgin, I didn`t know a concealer from a foundation, or an eyeshadow from a Blush. I was out right clueless, I was frequently flipping through the beginning pages of most beauty books which actually more important than the middle and even the end. Because it always includes crucial information that affects the entire outcome of a makeup look. And that`s the skin. Before learning what I did, I was convinced all skins were the same in actuality other than skin color. However there are 4 completely different skin types one might have.

The first being normal skin, this is the easiest skin type out of all of them. When having normal skin your face care is a lot less complex then the other skin types. Normal skin is neither too dry nor too oily. Throughout the day your nose will get a tad bit of access oil and your cheeks aren`t dry but not oily, just in the miiddle. This skin type is good with all consistency`s wether it being a liquid foundation, cream concealer or powder blush, you can do it all! However don`t go after foundation that say oil free or are strictly for dry skin. Just like how someone with dry skin would not wear a foundation that is oil free.

The next skin type is quite common and can be difficult but completely manageable. With oily skin you will find your whole face to have a ton of access oil. This happens when your body produces more oil than usual on your scalp and it oozes to the rest of your face. But don`t worry! A lot of people also struggle with oily skin so there are quite a bit of products out there for you. You can try primers that include oil and shine control and oil free foundations. You can also choose moisturizers, makeup removers and face washes to help control oil and that are oil free. When going for makeup consistency powders and creams are your best bet, liquids are do-able but powder will make your makeup long lasting and a matte Finnish. Quick tip: Blotting papers are your best friend!

The next skin type is the opposite of oily skin: Dry skin. Dry skin is when your face has little to no oil, while too much oil can cause a problem so can too little oil. Your face is going to be very dry and peel or have flakiness a lot like dandruff but on your face. It is very important you take the steps to giving your face the moisture that it needs. Especially around these colder seasons it`s crucial to keep skin moisturized. When picking consistency`s go for liquids and creams, you don`t need to dry your face out anymore by using powders. Quick tip: Washing your face is good! But washing your face too often will dry out your skin even more.

The next skin type is a wild card and a little tricky. Combination skin is exactly what it`s called, both oily and dry skin. When having combination skin you will find that your t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) has a lot of access oil and the rest of your face experiences dryness. A good way to tackle this skin type is showing equal attention for all parts of your skin You will become an experts an all areas, experimenting with both products for oily and dry skin. After applying foundation you will want to set your t-zone with a powder. It`s hard to say which makeup consistency`s are right for you considering it just sort of depends. What works for you might work differently for someone else with combination skin. So you will completely become a scientist making and mixing your own little concoction`s to get you the results you want.

I`m relieved that one day I decided to read the beginning of one of my beauty books, that`s when it all changed. After learning about my skin type my makeup was lasting a lot longer, I was having fewer breakouts and my skin started to have its own natural glow. It`s a lot like different hair types need different care, you won`t typically want to drag a brush through curly hair or put curl gel in straight hair. It`s the exact same for skin, it all needs it`s own attention and care and ignoring that can damage your skins balance. So be smart and know your skin type!

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