Getting rid of Cystic Acne

4 years ago

Hope my second photo doesn`t scare people.

As a teenager, I had the worst acne possible. Most of my acne was the cystic kind that was not caused my food intake or oily skin. It was all caused by hormonal imbalance. I didn`t learn that until second year university though! So I battled cystic acne for 10 years.

Cystic acne is the worst type of acne you can get. It`s very painful as it affects a large area. You can`t pop it no matter how hard you try. While normal acne takes a few days to heal, cystic acne takes weeks. You`re left with a painful red blister like bump on your face for weeks. I`ve tried sticking a heated needle to try and get an exit path for the pus inside. I`ve tried popping it. I`ve even tried the black head pins. Nothing works!

When I saw a dermatologist, they usually kill the top layer of your skin with a laser. That creates an exit path. Then they squeeze the pus out and kill the surrounding skin with the laser again to ensure that all bacteria is cleared. An electrical device is then used to seal your skin back together like stitches. It`s PAINFUL and I`ve done it many times in the past. It takes 2 weeks to heal on top of that.

The biggest problem I found with cystic acne was that even when it disappears on its own, it leaves a scar usually a good sized hole or large pore and they always reappear in the exact same spots because the bacteria never really leaves. Hence I always try my best to get rid of it externally to minimize the scarring and so that it never reappears again.

After I started Alesse, which was used to treat my uteral ulcers, my cystic acne disappeared for 3 years, until now.

What happened was, my skin had an allergic reaction to the dust and pollution that kept getting whipped in my face by Toronto wind. My face had hives and one happened to be on my forehead right where my eyebrows are. Unfortunately, due to the hive, the skin around my eyebrows got swollen, leading to bacteria entering one of the hair follicles and it caused a deep infection.

It hurts a lot to even wrinkle my eyebrows. So I decided to treat it.

As you can see from the photo, I have unsuccessfully tried to drain it hence the skin got a bit bloody.

I learned this trick a while back on treating cystic acne when I had them.

I used the Hydrocortisone cream prescribed to me to treat my eczema to kill the top layer of skin.

Hydrocortisone, or cortisone cream, is mostly prescribed to people with eczema. It`s a very deadly cream as it basically destroys layers of your skin. So you think that your ezcema is healing but rather, this cream just keeps peeling off layers to reveal new skin beneath. Even doctors tell you to use this cream only when necessary.

First, I thoroughly washed my face. Then I applied my regular night time skin routine, while avoiding that area of the cystic acne.

First I put a small layer of the cortisone cream on top of it. After an hour, I put some polysporin on it to keep bacteria out and to let it soak into my skin killing the bacteria inside. I repeat this morning and night for about 2 days. 2 days later, the skin is thin enough to reach the pus underneath and with some slight pressure, the pus drains out.

Then I just put some polysporin on top and leave it on for a day. The next day, there is no scar, no mark and the skin is flat again.

This should ONLY be used if you know how to use cortisone cream and if you only have one cystic pimple in a blue moon. It SHOULD NOT be used in a large area of skin as the cortisone cream is highly potent.

Hope that helps!

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