Getting rid of ants

4 years ago

A few months ago, I discovered that a bunch of ants were crawling over and eating away at a raisin that I dropped. It was scary and shocking. I never knew that ants lurked underneath my desk! I thought maybe it was a one time thing and they wouldn`t return again so I left it. But then a few days later they were seen crawling on my floors so I knew I had to do something.

I didn`t want to use a dangerous ant spray or pesticide so I researched natural ways to get rid of them. What it came up with was using red pepper flakes and sprinkling them around your infested area. Anything with a strong smell including orange peels will work. So I sprinkled the red pepper around my desk and waited.

Apparently this is supposed to block off the scent of the ant trails and so far it worked. I haven`t seen a single ant since that day (I`ve also made sure to clean up my spills, haha!)

Do you guys know any methods to get rid of ants?

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