Getting Pho`d Up on Christmas Eve!

4 years ago

On Christmas Eve I attended my Community Mass for 2 1/2 hours.
I can`t believe church is still that long from this day on. After church
I surely prepare myself a bowl of Pho because I was so freaking
hungry! I must say I didn`t even eat nothing all day so I was starving
like Marvin!

No joke, this Pho was darn good I was "about" to eat me a second bowl
of Pho. LOL The water was so flavored I drank all of my water! In my
bowl there`s a turkey neck. I don`t know if my family is the only one who
eats turkey neck with their Pho?

I also added chicken, beef, bo vien, green onions, onions, cilantro, Sriracha,
fish sauce, Hoison Sauce, lemon, fried onions and I think that`s it?! LOL Oh
yeah! This other green stuff you see in my bowl. I don`t know what its called
in English. Overall, it was some good Pho! I usually have my turkey neck in a
different bowl, but since I was hungry. Forget it! HAHA

1. Have you ever tried eating Turkey neck before?
2. How do you like your Pho prepared?

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