Getting Healthy, Day 1

4 years ago

So my goal for the last who knows how many years has been to lose weight and get healthy. Anyone else that struggles with weight will know that it`s just so much easier to sit there and do nothing about it. Or there are those moments when you get motivated, then only to lose that motivation after a week. I figured, if I make it public and write about it, this way, it will motivate me to stay on track of losing weight and getting healthy.

This is day one, gotta start somewhere. To help keep myself in check, I am using the Nike Training App. I believe I have written about this app before, and it`s a wonderful app, that`s why I`m starting with this.

For day 1, I picked the work out, Slim Chance in the beginner, get lean section. It`s a 30 minute cardio work out that has you soaked in sweat afterwards. Now, I`ll admit, I wasn`t able to do every single drill. There were some that were beyond my current capabilities. To substitute for those, I jogged in place to keep my heart rate going, rather than sitting there doing nothing. I recommend having a towel and water ready so you can dry off and take a sip of water during the recovery sections.

I will be doing another post about my goals so please keep an eye for that.

Anyone else trying to lose weight and get healthy?

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