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3 years ago

For my outfit today, I am wearing something that I wore earlier this week for my oral communications class. This Tuesday, our class had to give a pitch for an invention or idea that we came up with in a similar fashion to the show Shark Tank. We divided into groups and my group came up with the idea of a restaurant featuring dishes from all 4 seasons as well as activities. Long story short, for our presentation we had to dress up. I had the hardest time with this since I didn`t have any business clothes haha. I have bits and pieces, but nothing that really matched until...

I did some digging around and came across this little piece from Shabby Apple. I got the dress as part of a huge haul from the store last year that my sister and I had. I still have not worn any of the pieces since the dresses all felt to business formal for everyday wear, but the dresses were perfect for this speech that I had to give! Everything from the design to the length of it reminded me of a business lady!

This dress is quite unique and it`s probably one of the most business formal outfits I have worn in a while! The dress is black and gray and the bottom half of the dress actually resembles a high waisted skirt. The top blouse part of the dress is low cut and has a `faux tie` which I really loved the look of. The dress also had a gray belt that went between the top and bottom portion of the dress. One part of the dress that I thought was quote interesting was the zipper. It was the coolest thing ever! The zipper ran down my back and when I first tried on the dress, I didn`t realize just how far the zipper could go unzip.. haha the zipper could actually go all the way down and my dress could basically open up!! How cool?

For my presentation, I didn`t have the chance to style my dress that much since it was sort of a last minute decision to wear this dress. (as in I chose it in the morning before school lol) I kept my hair down and I actually went to school in a pair of black flats with these heels in my backpack. When the presentation came, I slipped on the heels and I instantly felt very high class and a bit more confident. I delivered the speech and I felt that I did okay on it. I`m always terrible at speeches so it`s a good thing that I felt that I did fine on this one. Usually I feel like I fail the speeches, but not this time!! It might also have to do with the fact that I had a partner with me haha! After the speech, I actually chose to keep these heels on for the rest of the day instead of going back into flats! I loved the feeling of heels on with this outfit! =)

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