Getting Back To Skating - My Rollerblades

4 years ago

When i was younger, me and my friends used to go skate (well, at least try lol) a lot and at the time i got these rollerblades skates that are extensible in size so it could fit me when i got older. I haven`t used them in a while but they still fit if i extend them to the max and the wheels are the best i have used because some other ones i tried the wheels would get stuck.

Anyway, trying these on the other day again reminded me that i haven`t used them in a while and even though i wasn`t that good at it (i need practice), i still had a lot of fun and im thinking of trying to get back to it and skate sometimes, just for fun. I can imagine i will fall on my but a couple of times but i will get the hang of it again lol
It can actually be a nice workout because if you find a good place to skate and go for it you will get a bit of a cardio workout, not as much as running but its still something, so its also worth getting back to skating for that.

<strong>Do you skate or used to?
Have you also fallen a couple of times(like me lol)?</strong>

(picture is mine)

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