Get Your LIttle Ones A Cute Fun Easter Basket!!! Get Creative!

5 years ago

Remember the Easter`s of waking up in the morning with the excitement of wondering if the Easter Bunny showed up and left you a basket full of candy and goodies for you..Ohh and even left you a little piece of his cotton tail stuck in your front door?......The Easter`s where you would literally wake up super early (when the sun wasn`t even up), wake up your parents, run down the stairs and try to find that Easter basket that bunny left you....Sometimes the bunny would hide your basket in crazy places, others it was just right in front of you....The silly bunny once left my basket in the dryer....Silly Rabbit!...

Well now that I am (kill me), 28 the excitement of what the bunny left me can wait until I wake up, the excitement was left when I was 10 years old........However seeing the excitement on the little kiddies faces really makes me giggle, and puts the biggest smile on my face..So of course its fun to make fun little baskets for the little kiddies in my family.....See their faces and how happy they get....

My boyfriends nephew (who is also his godson), is 3 years old....And being a guy, my boyfriend would thought it would be an amazing idea to get his nephew a skateboard.....I of course vetoed that idea and told him I would totally take care of the basket....So I was on the hunt for some cute little goodies to give him...CVS, Michaels, and Five & Below always do the trick!.....

I ran to Michaels, which literally sells the most fabulous stuff, and best of all super cheap! Nothing that I purchased was under $3 a piece, and best of all the grand humongous total of what I got was under $12!...

I decided to take a cute little green pale and shovel and load it up with goodies...I think that taking something like a pale and filling it up gives it a little fun to it, instead of using a basket, and it can be used....

Here is what I filled this cute little green shovel and pale with:

Shovel & Pale: $1.50- this is perfect instead of getting a basket which they can only use once, and best of all you can bring it to the beach!...Its a cute way to decorate a beach pale!...

Cars Coloring Book: .79cents
Super Hero Crayons: $1- Kids could always use these
Chalk: $1- perfect for spring!
Plastic Eggs: $1.50
Cars Play Pack: $1-perfect for long car rides
Slinky: $1
Dinosaur Egg: $1
Grow Your Own Tree: $2
Grow Tablets: $1

Chicken Run DVD: $5.99- saw this movie and loved it, it was too cute!
Candy: I bought a ton for my other cousins $10-jelly beans & chocolates!
Peeps: $1
M&M`s: .79 cents!

I purchased a few more things at 5 and below, which are not pictured...But you get the point...

Decorating baskets is totally fun, and when its for a 3 year old it really gets even more fun!..The cute little things you can put in the basket, and how creative you can get just makes it even more fun, and really shows how much effort you can put into it....Not to mention they get so cute and to see those happy faces makes me smile...I forgot to mention that I did give this little man 2 easter eggs full of jelly beans and chocolate, only because I did not want to overload him on candy....

I did do a ton of other baskets, but this one is so fun, so I decided to show you all!....

Did you decorate a basket for someone? What did you put in it? How creative did you get?

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