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2 years ago

Right now Julep is offering a promotion if you`re not already a member of their subscription service you can get your first box free! This box includes 3 nail polishes and their bare body milk cream. I`ve been a Julep Maven for over a year now and I enjoy the service. I get the Julep modern beauty box, which contains 2 full size beauty products, but you can get boxes with nail polishes and beauty products too!
When you are a Julep Maven you get access to their rewards system which gives you points for all your purchases and box orders. I just redeemed all my points last month. I have 3,500 so I used 2,000 to get my July box free and I added a two pack of their Nail Oxygen treatment. So that will give me two full size beauty products and 2 full size nail treatments and I don`t even have to pay shipping!
Another cool thing about being a Julep Maven, say you don`t have the extra $25.00 for a box that month, but you don`t want to unsubscribe? They have a skip the month button and it`s no penalty! You can use it as often as you want with no consequences. You can also switch from box to box so you`re not locked in on the one they offer you the first time.
Another added benefit when you log in to look at your box, you can see exactly what is in your box and the other boxes. So if you`re not interested in the products in your box that month you can skip it or switch to a different one.
Now the promo code to get your first free box is HELLOYOU right now the first boxes are valued at $62.00 not a bad value. When you use the promo code it will still have you pay around $3.00 in shipping and it will sign you up for their service but it is a no obligation sign up, you can unsubscribe and still get your free box.
This promotion is for summer so August might be the last month for it! So if you`re interested go for it! I have enjoyed my Maven Boxes for over a year now.

The picture is my last Julep box it came with Mint Mintcondition Pedicure cream and their Bare Milk cream.
If you`re interested in signing up you can click this link here:
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