Get your baked apple in a blink of an eye!

Do you know those times when you really want something sweet but you really don`t have time? It happens all the time to me but it turns out to be a big problem when you lack time (and sometimes skills eheh) So there`s this easy way I tried last week and it work out really good for me (so I made it again today (; ). This is so simply and you really don`t need many ingredients or even time to do it! I kinda took this idea from this `cupcakes in a mug` recipes but it`s even simpler than that... all you`ll need is: 1 apple, honey, sugar and cinammon.
You`re probably thinking `what? only that??` and YES! that`s all you`ll need!
First of all I would recommend you to peel the skin of so it takes less time and I prefer to cut it in small pieces cause it last longer (wink wink) then you just add sugar, honey and cinammon (if you like cinammon, which I love) as much as you like (but be careful so it doesn`t turn out to be too sweet!!) and put in the microwave for 1 or 2 minutes (I wouldn`t recommend more than that really) and then it`s good to eat (:

Unfotunatly I didn`t even remember to take a picture so what you`ll see is another version of bakedapple but you can find the link to that recipe on the source if you prefer (:

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