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I received these products in the latter part of August this year. As with any hair care products, I like to try them all out separately and then use them in combination with my other or current use hair care products to see how they work altogether. It was such an excitement for me that I was asked to review these because as most of you know, I`m a huge fan of the show Jerseylicious and watched all the episodes where they were working on this product line. It was not only an awesome opportunity - but it allowed me to try out products I may have not normally been able to find here at my local stores.

The Packaging: Let me start by saying the packaging on these is absolutely gorgeous. It`s girlie and sparkly. The metallic finish on them really is eye appealing and it grabbed my attention almost instantly. All of my hair care products are stored in my bathroom... where there is steam and heat and the label on the Shampoo/Conditioner really held up and didn`t peel off or start to bubble off. I thought that was great because not only are they waterproof - they`ve really held up the last couple of months.

The Shampoo/Conditioner: The Raise Volume Shampoo & Conditioner are pretty awesome. I`m very particular with hair products because my scalp tends to dry out quickly. While I did experience a little bit of dryness and some dandruff - I started using it at the end of summer, early Fall - so I expect that could have contributed to some of that. Each product has a clean smell to them. Initially I had thought that they smelled like Raspberries... but after a week, I didn`t smell it - so I`m truly not sure. I do have sensitivities to strong unbearable smells as does my husband, and he hasn`t complained or said anything - so I think in the smell category, it`s a OK. The shampoo does clean thoroughly. If you have been following me a while, you know that I kind of stopped using Shampoo for a while because it was drying out my hair, but this seemed to clean my hair without having the added dryness in my ends. My hair did seem a lot fuller after it dried and I used both Shampoo/Conditioner products. The consistency of each product was thin enough to coat my hair evenly - but thick enough to still give me that reassurance that it was conditioning my hair properly.

The Ultimate Lift Dry Shampoo Powder: I really like this product. I carry it in my purse if I know that I need to switch out my outfit or look quickly (which is why I didn`t show it in my video). But normally, it`s in my bathroom. I love that it is more of a tan color, so it blends into my hair effortlessly whereas the white dry shampoos can often still leave a funky residue and white hue in my hair. It surely works and you need very little to get your hair to that "clean" feel that we all want when we are unable to wash our hair.

Against Gravity Hairspray and Over the Top Root Lift Spray: I`m not a huge hairspray person - but I really like these. The Root lift Spray dries quickly which I think is great because it allows me to use the product and finish my hairdo without having to wait for it to dry and risk my style falling completely from being so wet. The Hairspray has great hold and didn`t leave me with white flakes or snow if I touched or played with my hair. Both products actually smelled pretty good and not nearly as strong as some of the Aerosols that are on the market. I love the nozzle on these products, it`s those sturdy types, not like the old school Rain hairspray nozzles. It really allows you to control the product and where you would like them to go.

All and all - I would purchase these products on my own now that I know that they are a great product line. While their cost can be a little higher than normal drug store - I think that it definitely does give you Salon Quality for a reasonable buy. Considering I used Paul Mitchell and KMS for years and paid a lot more, I think it`s reasonable.
Purchase your Gatsby Ooh La La Volume Product line here:

Raise Volume Shampoo & Conditioner - $14.99 each
Ultimate Lift Dry Shampoo Powder - $16.99
Against Gravity Hairspray - $17.99
Over the Top Root Lift Spray - $17.99

Also available at,, Target and Walmart.

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FTC: These products were sent to me for review and consideration. I was not paid in anyway to provide this review and my review is 100% honest and unbiased.

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