Get whiter teeth in one week

4 years ago

How to get whiter teeth in just 1 week:
1) You can go to your dentist to withen it with machine but by most chances you have to pay.
2)Instead, use half teaspoon of baking powder about 4 days a week, wet your tooth brush and put it on the baking powder,then brush your teeth with it then rinse your mouth.
3) I used crest 3-dwhite toothpaste but it didnt help whiten my teeth as the regular crest toothpaste did, so i recommend you to use crest toothpaste and go through your teeth and brush really good.
4) Brush teeth in morning to whiten it for the day and at night to clean it.
5)Floss your teeth.
6)Try not to smoke or eat things like chocolate,tea,coffee that can stain your teeth.
Try these steps and you will have whiter teeth because I tried it and it worked well.

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