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Summer is quickly approaching, now is probably the best time to start shedding those pounds, and toning those muscles, I mean c`mmon, who doesn`t want those abs that you look like you could cook steak on? ;) But you need to remember, its not about being skinny, but Fit, and feeling happy and not sluggish or tiered:) For the past 2 months I`ve been visiting which is a workout website that is canadian based, run by i think 2 couples:) This site is ridiculously helpful. Like you could scour the internet for 2 months and not find as many answers as this website provides, these workout gurus know exactly what they`re talking about. I, like most people, found them, watched for a couple months then went back and actually tried it. Don`t be like me, start right away, you will see results within i believe 4-6 weeks. I`ve seen a difference in these two months:) So basically the site gives you a 12 minute workout just about everyday. I haven`t done any other type of workout, and I`m seeing results. the website has EVERYTHING. They have what to eat before/after workout. healthy recipes and healthy recipe alternatives for things like that savory chocolate cake. EVERYTHING. they have before and after photos for inspiration, warm ups and cool downs. And who doesn`t love the cute/motivational/ "sexy" workout names?The one thing i suggest is to take the fit test, you can search for it on their search bar, I didn`t until 2 weeks of bodyrocking, and I wish i did this at the beginning, and before and after photos will help a ton. The community is also insanely supportive, the only gym equipment you truly need is the interval timer, i used an online stop-watch until I got mine. These workouts will never leave you bored. It`s 12 minutes a day. 50 second workouts, 10 seconds rest of probably 4-8 different workouts. It`s a new way of living and it changes your life. The workouts are 100% FREE, you will make those kids at the gym jealous of your new sexy beach body! So please stop with the excuses, push yourself for 50 seconds, you will definitively see results in these intense fat burning all over body toning workouts, they said that if you are repeating the same workout weekly, your body will become immune and you wont see any difference, check out this website, once you give it a try, and push those first couple of workouts, it becomes a different way of living, you will see why Zuzana and Lisa-Marie (our body rocking coaches:) ) have 6 packs, if a 15 year old (me) can do this, why cant you?

**I don`t own the images
* Sorry its so long!! I just had a lot to say, the other posts
about working out made me cringe a bit haha, have you seen that nutrogina commercial where Katy Perry says "It`s like I have the secret, and I want to tell them here take the secret!" yeah i feel like her right now;)
**Workouts for both GUYS AND GIRLS:)
***First 4 pics are of actual bodyrockers and their results, the rest are of the bodyrocking coaches:)

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