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Hey there Luuuxers!

So I`ve recently started doing some weight training at the gym, with the guidance of my boyfriend who`s studying Sports Science and I thought I`d share with you some of the benefits of doing this as I`m guessing many of you (and I was one of these not long ago) are scared of doing weight training as you think you`ll end up like a female body builder as in photo 2...but as the photo shows you won`t!!

The reason for this is that females don`t have the testosterone levels to produce muscles to this extent. Men get big and muscley because they naturally produce large amounts of testoterone which helps with the increase of muscle mass. Women only produce small amounts of testosterone, and would therefore have to work ridonculously hard to end up extremely muscley.

Also, check out the squatters behind on the first photo...pert and firm! I must say that I would rather have a bum like the squat bum than a floppy, saggy bottom. Im not trying to get major muscley or get skinny, I just want to increase muscle and burn some fat in order to look healthy and toned because personally I much prefer this look. Muscle also burns about 120 cals per kg per day just DOING NOTHING! So having more muscle will help you to maintain your weight better.

I`ve been splitting my weights sessions into two; lower body and upper body. I`m also going to start throwing some abs in there too I think. Today I did my lower body work out which consists of a 20 minute jog to help warm up and improve cardio fitness, then its onto the weights. I start with 5 sets of 10 squats with an Olympic bar, which today I did at 30/35 kgs. I then moved onto 5 sets of 10 romanian deadlifts, again using an Olympic bar, at 35-45kgs. My third excercise was 3 sets of 10 split squats (on each leg) which I only did using a 5kg weight as I really struggle with instability in my knees (theyre valgus and my knees and feet turn in) and Im working on strengthening them gradually. Finally, I did 3 sets of 10 leg presses on a leg press machine. I only pressed the weight of machine on this exercise as Ive never done it before and my legs were fairly fatigued.

Now I must stress that you SHOULD NOT JUST DIVE INTO WEIGHT TRAINING BY YOURSELF!! You really need some professional guidance as its important to get your squat and deadlift technique correct otherwise it can really damage your back and cause a lot of discomfort. Im lucky in that my boyfriends specialism is strength and conditioning, therefore he has been taught the proper techniques and whats safe and what is not. I will also stress that it WILL HURT! Last week I went and did less than I did today and I could barely walk for 2 days, it was so painful! This is caused by micro tears in your muscle fibres which then repair and become stronger and bigger. Im anticipating that the next couple of days will be painful, but no pain no gain!!

I completely understand that weights rooms can be scary places. I hate going in them when my boyfriends not there because Im generally the only girl in there, but we should be showing them what weve got and proving that girls can do it to, not just blokes!!

I think I`m going to do a weekly post on my progress and how its making me feel/look...thoughts on this?

Do any of you do weight sessions in the gym? Any tips to share?

Hope youre all well!!

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