Get rid off yellow in ur hair

Yellow hair isnt that becoming, on anyone. No one sports this look intentionally. Its just that a lot of people do not know how to get rid of yellow hair. However, there are a few things that you can do to get the yellow out of your tresses.

Natural Remedies
Depending on what your discoloration is caused by, a mild vinegar rinse can help remove the yellow tinge from the hair. This is for yellow hair caused by chemicals typically. Some choose to dilute the vinegar by adding water, as it can be damaging for the hair. However, if your hair is extremely yellow you may want to consider using straight vinegar. Just keep in mind, it is a rinse. Do not leave it on for a very long period of time, vinegar can be drying to the hair and irritate the scalp. Rinse thoroughly, smelling like vinegar is not attractive.

Special Products
For those with severe discoloration or who are afraid to treat the problem with home remedies, there are products on the market to help. Shampoos, conditioners, rinses, and the like are all available for usually under $10. The strength will vary, so be sure to read the box before purchasing. In addition, follow the provided directions. Some of these may be more damaging to the hair as others, conditioning after use is highly recommended for this reason.

Eliminate the Culprit
Do you know what is causing your hair to become yellow? Often times, it is caused by factors that can be prevented. For example, well water can discolor the hair. There are tablets that can be added to hard water, thus eliminating your yellow hair. Other things that contribute that may be overlooked is styling and coloring products. Peroxide naturally lightens hair, turning some colors more to a faded yellow. If this is the case, simply switching the products that you use may be enough to get rid of the problem. It shouldnt take long for the hair to lose the yellowish tint.

There are a variety of products and ideas to spare you from yellow hair. Give these ideas a try, it could be well worth it. If none of these seem to work, the problem may lie with your natural hair color. The sun acts as a bleach, you may need to cover your head when in full sun. Just remember, you dont have to live with yellow hair.

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