Get Rid of: Zoeva 88 Eyeshadow Palette

4 years ago

It`s hard to explain what I`ve been doing lately and probably most of you can`t understand why I have this feeling of getting rid of all old things. I don`t heard this operation often but lately I`m feeling like this. When I don`t use something for so long for whatever reason, I don`t see the point of taking them.

My reasons are:

1) This Palette has 5 years if not more;
2) I never really use it if not swatched some of their colors and see how much they are pigmented;
3) Most of its colours are impossible for me to think of wear because I`m more conservative girl;
4) I don`t trust anymore of China products (I`m not really sure if this is made in China) but this week I`ve been operated from Atresia on my right eye so I don`t want get the risk of put something that even if didn`t hurt in any way can probably do something just because it`s expired (but I don`t think so)

So as you can see I have these and other 100 reason to get rid of this and other palette. I won`t ever buy again without thinking if I will really using them. I mean What I was thinking when I thought to put yellow on my eyes??? I`m not a make up artist, I`m not really an artist and I`m very neutral lady!! LOL I don`t go to Hallowen parties so there`s no reason for me taking this palette from Zoeva also because I don`t really think they made good least FOR ME
In the swatches you can barely seen the can see more my hand hairs...

I`m saying ALL those things because I feel SO GUILTY of trow it because it`s barely used and almost new!!!!

* photos are mine please do not take without permission

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