Get Rid Of Smells In Your Closet

5 years ago

If you want to keep your closet and clothes free of smell that sometimes a closet can have, there is a new piece of technology just for that.
Its being sold by Daiwa, a Japanese company, and it works by releasing ions to keep your clothes smell free. Here is how it exactly work according to them: (quoted from the source)

"When airborne, these positive and negative ions, fasten to the surfaces of suspended microbes, forming highly oxidising hydroxide (OH) radicals and instantly removing the hydrogen (H) from the surface proteins. This results in the physical breakdown of the surface membrane of the microbe, rendering it inactive."

So with this you can get rid of smells like smoke from cigarettes that tend to stick to your clothes and others but keeping your cloth smell free will cost you and that cost is 480$.
Even though its expensive, its definitely something i would like to get and even though i don`t put clothes that smell ( like tabacco) on the closet, its still nice to have but because of the price i don`t think i would ever get it.

<strong>What do you think of this tech? Would you get it?
Do you have problems getting your clothes free of smells?</strong>

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