Get rewards for watching TV!

Wouldn`t you love to be able to get gift cards and other rewards for watching TV? Well now you can! Using the "Viggle" app for iPhone.

Viggle is a free app that allows you to "check in" to the show you`re watching and then rewards you a certain amount of points. To check in all you do is play a show thats on TV (I don`t think it can be a recorded show), press the button inside the app, and then it listens to your show for about 10 seconds and detects which show you`re watching. Note: You can only check into one show at a time!

After the show is over, within around 5 minutes your account will be updated with the amount of points you received. You can also get points for watching certain ads/commercials within the app.

You can get points for ANY show thats on but they do have a list of shows that offer more points like watching Giuliana & Bill will get you 350 points.

Once you get enough points you can use them in the Viggle shop. 7,500 points can get you a $5 gift card to Starbucks, 14,000 can get you a $10 gift card to Sephora, $15,000 a free movie ticket, or you can even get a Kindle Fire for 375,000 points. Theres more rewards too but thats just to name a few.

And its EXTREMELY easy to earn points. When you first sign up and complete your profile I believe you get close to 2,000 points. I can earn around 1,000 points just for checking into a few shows and watching some ads.

And I personally GUARANTEE it works! I already cashed in 14,000 points to receive a $10 GAP gift card which I received within ONE HOUR via e-mail. I already used it too on GAP`s sister site "Piperlime"!

I wouldn`t say this is better than Luuux but it is so much easier to earn points quickly! Obviously Luuux has better rewards you can get but if you`re lusting after something at GAP but want to save some money, about a week and a half on this app will save you $10!

I highly recommend using this app because its very awesome! If you have any questions, let me know :)

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