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5 years ago

<strong>Elle Macpherson wasn`t nicknamed "The Body" for nothing.</strong> And yes, SHE IS 47 YEARS OLD. This woman is absolutely stunning and her figure is positively famous for having legs for days and an incredibly toned bod with curves in all the right places. She is 47 and I have to say she has a body better than any of the 20-something year olds I know personally. With saying that, I am also saying that I will never, in my life, be able to obtain a body like that. Of course, this body isn`t the result of just good genes; it takes work, too, and Elle Macpherson was glad to share her workout secrets.

The good news is that her body is not the result of hours and hours of intense daily workouts. Instead, she focuses on creating a way of life. She doesn`t bother with <Strong>"calorie-counting or spending hours in the gym".</strong> With her busy schedule in mind, her trainer of fifteen years has come up with daily, 20-minute sessions for her, although it may be an hour long sessions from time-to-time. It`s great that her work out consists of only twenty minutes because the excuse is usually that people "do not have time" to work out. This really puts that excuse to shame. I guess that means I need to stop making excuses and start getting into shape.

With spring here and all, you want to fit into that teeny weeny bikini, right?

<strong>The Elle Macpherson 20 Minute Workout</strong>
Movement prep: 2 minutes
Disco lunge: 15 reps on each side
Y`s, T`s, and pushups: 10-20 reps each move
Tube walking: 10-20 reps each way
Mountain climbers: 10-30 seconds

According to Macpherson`s trainer, <strong>you have to first commit to changing your life before you can commit to changing your body!</strong>

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