Get More Out of Your Eye Primer!

4 years ago

Eye primers are a must when it comes to having your eye makeup last longer and enhancing the look. But what do you do when your primer is supposedly dried out, or you used it all up? Go buy another of course! NO! Get your moneys worth!

Eye primers range in price from anywhere from $1-$20 (average) So whether you are spending a buck on e.l.f`s eye primer or 18 dollars on Urban Decay`s we all want to get the most we can out of it.

I can`t tell you how much money I have saved doing this and by telling my friends and family about this, saving their money too!

Most primers come with a sponge wand, and after a while, you notice less and less product on the wand. Automatically you think it is time for a new one. But what you may not realize that there is so much product still in that tube.

What you want to do is, take a razor or a knife (Please be careful) and cut down the plastic tube, opening it up. The all the excess primer is there. Take a small little container with a lid and just transfer the primer into the container!

There is enough primer to last for years! (depending on how often you use eye makeup)

I hope this all helped you and can save you some money!

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