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4 years ago

One of the new iphone features is the panorama mode in the camera that can make, well, a panorama picture lol This kind of feature is not exactly new, it has been used in phones and apps for years now, but Apple likes to use some old concepts and pass them as new or great sometimes.
In a marketing move, Apple limited the use of panorama mode in some devices and the iphone 4 for example can`t have this feature (for now), even though its just a software modification.

If you have an iphone 3g/3gs/4 or iTouch and want to get panorama mode also, you can get it from the app store for free on a app called Photosynth. Its a free app created by Microsoft (a bit of irony here lol) and in a nice and simple interface you can create panorama pics with it.
I tried the app already at home and its really easy to use. You get a square to frame the image and you will rotate around to create panorama pics and the app will guide you with a square, showing the last pic and with a green light to guide you, taking the pics automatically.

I did struggle on the first panorama mode to get it right but on the second one i had no problems with it and got the hang of it. I don`t think its to good to create 360ยบ picture(even though you can), but for simpler panorama modes its nice.
I have seen some great results on the iphone 5 panorama but since we cant have that now, this is a nice/free alternative to it.

<strong>Have you taken panorama pics before?</strong>

(pictures are mine, last one from the source)

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