Get Healthy This Summer! Food to eat to avoid bloating and fatigue...

This is a summary of a Teen Vogue article published in 2011. I saw it on their website and thought it might interest some of you! It has some great tips on healthy eating.

Foods to eat to prevent bloating, fatigue or moodiness:

-Salads (lettuce, spinach, fruits and a light dressing)
-Fish or lean meat for protein.
-Fiber rich foods such as nuts and oat bran. Tip: Refrain from getting the salted type of nuts and for ultimate freshness, I usually get the raw ones.
-Drink lots of water.
Foods to avoid include highly processed carbs such as white bread or potato chips. Stay away from excess salt and always check the nutritional information.
*NB. The article recommends avoiding dairy products but I must say I disagree with that because dairy food has a high source of calcium and iron, which is essential for a healthy body. If you are looking to lose weight, consider Edam cheese and low fat yoghurt.

Comment on what you think and any tips or ideas you have:) thanks. xoxo Kathleen P.

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