Get Flat Abs With The Right Exercises

5 years ago

When you think about flat abs and developing ab muscles the exercise that probably comes to your mind at first is "crunches".
Probably one of the most done exercises are not actually effective. I have mentioned before how crunches are not the way for better/noticeable abs and the reason for it is because abs can and have to be worked in more ways/angles than just the single movement that a crunch provides.

I just saw these article about it and it showed great alternatives to crunches and exercises that actually work. Im going to quote each exercise from the source and in case you don`t know how to perform one or more of them just go to the link at the end and they have a very detailed explanation on how to do them :

</li type = disc> Cable Torso Twists<li>
</li type = disc> Woodchopper<li>
</li type = disc> Front Planks<li>
</li type = disc> Side Planks<li>
</li type = disc> Stability Ball Plank<li>
</li type = disc> Stability Ball Knee to Chest<li>
</li type = disc> Stability Ball Pike<li>
</li type = disc> Bridges<li>
</li type = disc> Medicine Ball Side Throws<li>
</li type = disc> Medicine Ball Slams<li>

So, there really isn`t a hidden secret for flat abs but its just perform different abs exercises to work them and not 100 crunches and watch your diet, which is also very important. Perform the exercises in the list because they are great and effective alternatives to crunches.

<strong>Do you do crunches?
Do you work your abs?</strong>

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