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3 years ago

Hair Extensions have been around for quite some time now. Hair extensions are generally used to add thickness and length to your hair, for what your already working with. While there is such a wide variety in hair extensions and ways of application it`s good to know your stuff! Before jumping right into hair extensions you have got to educate yourself of the most common hair extension technique. First things first what do you want?

1.Clip ins- clip ins are a great way for a short term application, this when you might just want to add some extra length to your already relatively healthy hair. However clip ins can cause long term problems like hair breakage from clamping it on to your real hair. Clip ins can also be difficult to look like your real hair, because you have to generally find a similar color and texture so it blends and looks natural. however that can be difficult due to the lack of diversity and brands of clip in products, most clip ins can be synthetic and that wont last more than a week or two.

2. Micro Ring- A more recommended version of the clip ins Is micro binds for a long term look.This application is done by connecting tiny bits of pre-bundled hair to your existing hair using little rings/beads. This can look very natural to those typically with longer hair, and is very popular through celebrities. However this way of application is detectable with shorter hair and not recommended for people with hair that breaks off fairly easily, this look last 2-3 months.

3.Braiding- This is one of the more popular techniques of extensions, its popular with African American women because their hair generally holds braids well, while thin, silky hair will fall out of a braid. Your hair is braided into a pattern (as flat as you can get it) and then wefts which are sections of extensions are sewn through each braid. This technique is also quite natural looking especially when you leave some of your own hair out to blend. This look can sometimes be difficulty to put in things like buns and ponytails, and if braids are too tight you can have hair loss when braids are taken out. This technique of extensions lasts 2-3 months!

4.Glue in- Last but not least glue in! This is the least recommended technique. This look is very harmful to your real hair because it can cause breakage, bald spots and hair loss, this isn`t what you want when it comes to extensions. I`m not referring to the glue bonding thats a new technique and something else I am referring to a glued weft to your braid. So ladies stay away!

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