Get Drunk WO Having a Drink!?

<strong>Let`s get intoxicated by a mouth spray?</strong> Scientists unveiled a mouth spray that can get you intoxicated without having a drink.. and if you`re not drinking you won`t get any harmful effects/side effects of alcohol. This spray is called the "WAHH Quantum Sensations" which is approximately the size of a lip stick in an aerosol packaging. This was deigned by Philippe Starck and scientist David Edwards.

How do you get "drunk" with this aerosol?
You spray this in your mouth and one spray is equal to 0.07 mL of alcohol which is enough to make you "feel" drunk. You`ll get a good few seconds of feeling drunk only. It will take about 1,000 sprays to be equivalent to a 40-60mL drink however one spray can only hold about 21 sprays.. so you can`t get drunk off one aerosol.

Is this product going to be in market? If so how much?
Yes this product will be in markets, in Europe for 20 euros which is $26 US. As for US, not yet!

<strong>What do you think about this aerosol? Get drunk without really drinking? Less side effects! No drunk driving..No addition since it only lasts a few secs, cheaper alternative to drinking.. What are your thoughts?</strong> It`s a good idea but I don`t see the point really. It`s like fake drinking, mind as well not drink at all. I think it`d be good for someone who is a drinker and wants to quit perhaps but I can also see lots of wrong with kids in high school getting a hold of this and what not. Not like it`s bad but they are more likely to sale this in school and rip kids off or something.

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