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I had a blast playing this game for two nights straight til` 2AM. I would be like one game and then.. oh a game doesn`t last longer, one more and then when I look at the time it`s freaking 2AM. This game may be boring to others but I love puzzle games especially like this one. This game is called <strong>Blokus</strong>. This game is a strategy game (because object of the game is to block your opponents from being able to make a move on the board) as well as having fun!

Downside of the Game:
There are flashing squares that help you throughout the game. It would be more challenging if those blinking squares won`t pop up.
Your name has to be at least 1, but max 5 characters which is very stupid because there are a lot of people with 5+ characters for their name.

Overall: This game is great for on the go, times when you need to play a game when you`re bored/kill time.

What kind of games are you into downloading? Is this a game you would play? Have you played this game before?

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