Get Abs Without Doing Crunches!

4 years ago

Crunches are probably the most famous exercise for abs and probably one that most people think when they think about training their abs, but the truth is that they are not actually the most effective one.
Even though crunches do help and can be included in the routine, there are other different and fun exercises that you can do. In the images you find a couple of different ones as an example of alternative to crunches that work your abs in different angles, so you train your abs and obliques.

One that is very effective is planks or planks with a little crunch like in the first picture. Superman is also one that i have read before that its effective and you can see it in the second picture - basically you just lift the hands and legs.
Even push ups can be good for your abs because you get in a plank position and use your core much more, so don`t avoid them.
As you can see, everything from weight lifting to exercises like this are good alternatives to crunches and more fun than just lay down and go up and down in the crunch. If you do want to do crunches you can make them more difficult using a weight.

To be honest i don`t love ab exercises but when adding some different moves like this makes them more bearable lol.

<strong>Do you train your abs? What do you do?
Have you done these before?</strong>


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