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Lets face it, those who want long hair, put off getting cuts. It seems like every time we get a trim, all progress in growing gets sniped off.
I try to be good to my hair, but sometimes I get lazy with trims. I`ve come to learn that every 4-5 years I need a good, healthy cut. That time came at the end of this summer. My ends were really dry, and I knew the only way to get more length was to cut all the gunk off. So when I made my appointment to get my color touched up, I asked for a cut (not the usual trim). My stylist & I discussed that I probably needed about 5 inches cut off, making it the shortest my hair has been in over 7 years. I didn`t feel good about it, but knew it had to be done. Luckily, it was only about 4 inches that was chopped off. I did loose 2 years of partial balayage (hair painting) ombre in the process. My ends were a lot lighter than they are now since we cut most of them off. I still have a slight ombre, it`s just not as noticeable.
I miss my longer hair, but it feels so much better!

A few tips to keep hair long & strong:
1. Eat healthy! Not only is eating right good for your body & skin, but it also does wonders for your hair.
2. Take a Biotin & Omega supplement. My hair is thick, but when I remember to take my supplements, I notice the new growth is a lot stronger & I have less frizz.
3. PUT DOWN THE HAIR BRUSH! I don`t care what kind of special brush you own, you should NEVER brush wet hair. Hair is at it`s weakest state when wet. Use a wide tooth comb (or a pick comb) to gently detangle hair when it`s damp. If blowdrying, wait until hair is 90% dry, then pick up the brush to style.
4. Don`t rub hair with a towel, or wrap it up, it can stretch & break! Instead, gently pat hair with your towel & leave it down.
5. Cut back on hair washing. Natural hair oils are good for your hair! They hydrate, protect & smooth the hair. Try to cut back to 2-3x a week. If your scalp gets too oily, find a good dry shampoo and try a cute hairstyle using scarves and head bands to cover up the grease.
6. Read your labels. Silicones & waxes may smooth hair, but they also lead to build-up & can weigh hair down, causing more breakage. Protein in masks & treatment products are great for building a protective barrier on hair, but too much can cause dryness & breakage.
7. Loosen up that hair tie! Hair ribbons are a nice alternative to constricting hair bands, but soft, fabric scrunchies are even better! I like to keep my hair in a loose pony, or messy bun most of the time. Only when I`m exercising do I keep it in a tight pony, and I try to take it out as soon as I`m done. Keeping hair in the same style will cause stress on the area that`s constricted & over time will weaken.
8. Turn down the heat! Do you really need to blow dry & straighten your hair daily? Braids, buns & waves are really trendy right now. Experiment with no-heat styles.
9. Get a trim! Like stated above... getting a regular trim will keep split ends from breaking all the way up to your ears. And don`t forget about those healthy cuts every couple of years.
10. Find less damaging hair color. If you have dark hair, try demi-perm. If you need gray/root touch up, opt for at home glazes/toners. If you bleach/highlight, ask for balayage (hair painting) instead of foils. I started getting gray hair when I was 16, but it`s hard to see it when I keep my hair blonde. Getting foils 4-6x a year was really taking a toll on my hair. When my colorist suggested balayage as a slightly better alternative to foils I was a bit skeptical. Luckily it was right when ombre hair started to pop up. Now I only get a partial done 2x a year & my hair is thanking me for it!

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