Get A eBook Reader For 12$ - Txtr Beagle Is The New Affordable eBook Reader

4 years ago

Did you want to have an ebook reader but don`t want to spend the money on something like the popular kindle? Now you will have an alternative device so you can still read ebooks and don`t spend a fortune on a reader.

The Txtr Beagle is a new ebook reader that aims for the low price market of readers with a expected price of 12$/10.
It is more limited than other ebook readers, but like in everything, you get what you paid for and i don`t think they are important difference for a ebook reader.

<strong>So what can you expect from it:</strong>

- No touch or backlit screen, which i don`t think its a big deal because you do have buttons to scroll but the backlight would be useful but in real books you don`t have backlight also
- 4gb memory
- Bluetooth and a iphone app that lets you transfer ebooks from apple store
- Different colors
- 5 inch monocromatic screen
- Reads pdfs also
- Very light and portable

Thats pretty much it. Is a basic ebook reader and it seems to do its job well. <strong>There are two problems with it though : </strong>

<strong>-It has 4gb but it can only hold 5 books</strong>
=/ i don`t get why this and maybe someone will hack it because 4gb can take hundreds of files

<strong>- This will be available through carriers</strong>
, so there is a possibility of them changing the price or adding some kind of fee, which i don`t believe because they don`t use data or anything.

I think they should sell this on their own or in different electronics store, they would fly of the shelfs. These readers seem to be great and inexpensive, so i will wait to see what they do with the prices of it.

<strong>What do you think of this reader? Would you buy one?
Do you have any ebook reader/tablet or you prefer "old style" books?</strong>

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