German Goodiereview: P2 Eye Brightener

5 years ago

It`s great having friends from other countries, in this case my friend is from Germany. She was an exchange student at my school last year and we became super close. Anyways, this is her "preview" for me so I`m not dying while waiting for the giant package coming soon this is a small thing she sent. Because I love makeup so much my bigger package will have makeup and of course chocolates. This is the same friend that sent me a gazillion Labello lipbalms that I love and eyeshadows and what not.
But this is what it is the <strong>P2 eye brightener</strong> I saw someone on Youtube review this and I had to have it! P2 is a European drugstore makeup brand. I read reviews (which I translated) that this is a dupe for the Benefit Bright Eyes. Of course this is 3 euros while the Benefit is $22 I believe.
Well, I must say this is pretty awesome! Tried it today, loved it. It applies SUPER creamy, and like a dream, also very blendable. I use this on my waterline and it lasts FOREVER on there! And blended some across my whole lid it made my shadows show up so nice, and some on my inner corners. I really saw my eyes brighter and more awake. This is a dream. I had the Benefit bright eyes before, it was more lighter than this. This is a tad bit on the pinkier side but still brightening. Love it! I wish it was available here I`d stock up on 50! The only down side is...this is quite "Jumbo" size which means it is VERY hard to find a sharpener for. Other than thing I`ve ever used to brighten my eyes. I used to use black on my waterline, after using this probably not gonna use black as often. This just looks more natural than a straight up white eyeliner especially if you`re into white eyeliner on your waterline.
<strong> Other Notes</strong>
Well, since my friend hasn`t send out the bigger package I might ask her to buy me a few more, and give some away in a giveaway for people living in the U.S. because I haven`t seen anything like this on the market in the drugstores here, so it might be nice to give someone an opportunity to try it.

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