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4 years ago

This is part of what I had for breakfast today. It is goetta, pronounced like "get-uh." It is a traditional German food but pretty central to Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky in the US. Unless you are talking to someone in the area, most people look at you very blank when you refer to goetta. It is EXTREMELY popular where I live. We have tons of goetta brands (based in Cincinnati) sold at stores... we even have goetta-fest. Yup, we like our goetta. The reason goetta is so popular here is because originally the immigration to the area was largely German families. I`d say 95% of Cincinnatians have most or at least part German in them.

I grew up eating this, as my father was born to two 100% German parents (thus, obviously, making his background full blood German) and thought it was just the norm like bacon and eggs were. It wasn`t until much, much later when I was living in Texas that I came to realize it is definitely not a widely known/eaten food. ::shock! horror!::

Basically, goetta is a pork and oats breakfast meat. You slice it up into coins and cook in a hot skillet until brown on both sides. It is full of flavor and quite low in calories (for what it is). You can get original, spicy, smoked, etc. You can even go vegan. It is harder to find since goetta is traditionally pork with oats. The meatless version is called Grotta, and is often argued that it isn`t really goetta since goetta has pork. Oh, and the oats are significantly better for you because they aren`t the rolled oats that you`d find in, say, oatmeal. They are the bit from inside the oat that are round and not flat...they are nutty in flavor...and it REALLY lends a fantastic complimentary taste to the pork.

ANYWAY, I`ll leave it alone at just saying goetta is absolutely delicious and a must try for everyone (even vegans...just try the Jumpin` Joe brand...they make the vegan version).

When you cook it make sure you don`t slice too horribly thin because then it is a bit hard to flip in the pan. It`ll want to crumble on you and instead of having rings you`ll have hash. (still tasty, just not in the intended patty shape).

-second two pictures are the goetta raw: sliced up before going into the pan and then being cooked in the pan. The first photo is of it after being cooked. Mmmm!

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