Georgewich (Ice Cream Sandwich) Review

2 years ago

Cookies by George are literally cookies from Heaven. They make probably one of the yummiest cookies here. So what`s a girl to do when she wants a treat? To head to Cookies by George of course! After a semi-long wait, I decided to try the Georgewich for the very first time. What`s a Georgewich you ask? Well it`s an ice cream sandwich made of two cookies and a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

How to order:

-For the cookie part, you can choose any two you want. You can even mix and match the top and bottom cookie, but I decided to get the same for both. I decided to get Double Trouble Chocolate Chunk.
-Then they go and get a `scoop` of vanilla ice cream.
-Lastly they`ll wrap it up in a baking sheet and bag it.


-Taste: The Double Trouble Chocolate Chunk cookie is chocolate to the max. The batter is made mostly of chocolate and there is a softer, ooey-gooey chocolate on the top/semi-middle. When you take a bite of the cookie, it literally is an explosion of chocolately goodness :) I personally found the cookie a bit on the sweeter end since I generally don`t eat many cookies, but I still enjoyed it! The vanilla ice cream caught me by surprise. I was expecting a scoop of soft vanilla ice cream that you would get from a tub. But nope, it was a pre-made `scoop` that was about an inch wide! The ice cream tastes really good except for the fact that it was fairly hard and big. The Double Trouble Chocolate Chunk paired with the vanilla ice cream was a good combination.

-Size: Man was this ice cream sandwich ever huge. The vanilla ice cream itself was about an inch wide, and with the two cookies, I`m guessing it was about a total of two to three inches tall! Since the sheer size of it was so big, it was really difficult to bite the ice cream sandwich as a whole. I would have to take a bite of the cookie here and there and then take a bite of the ice cream.

-Price: I can`t remember the exact price but I`m estimating it to be around $5-$5.25. It`s is more than your regular ice cream sandwich that you get at your local grocery store, but the Georgewich was worth it! It`s a great way to treat yourself once in a while.

Overall, I`m quite pleased by my first Georgewich. Like usual, the cookies were phenomenal and the touch of vanilla ice cream took things to the next level of awesome. And best of all, you also get two cookie stamps for buying it.

Have you tried the Georgewich before? Do you like Cookies by George?

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