Georges St. Pierre dominates Condit to win UFC title fight

Photo mine courtesy of pay per view off of television
Georges St. Pierre, (right before he enters the Octagon picture above) better known to fight fans as GSP just beat a tough challenge by Carlos Condit to retain and unify the UFC welterweight belt. I just witnessed the greatest fight I have ever seen. While, GSP won handily by a superior ground and pound game Condit was a game challenger even catching GSP with a roundhouse kick in the third round to nearly end the fight. Howevr, GSP coming off of a 19 month layoff due to an ACL injury recovered quickly to make it to the fourth round. This fight was pandemonium, all action for all five rounds. 25 minutes of non-stop action by both fighters made this a fight well worth the money. I am so glad I have a friend in Robbie Brunjes who invited me over to watch the pay-per-view telecast. I am a loyal die-hard GSP fan but my hat goes off to Carlos Condit for fighting a great fight. Both fighters displayed a warriors fighting style in the octagon, but after the fight displayed great sportsmanship, class, and showed they are both true gentlemen. We need more class acts like these two fighters who are role models in how to win with class, and lose with class. This was a definite blood bath as both fighters were cut early and often as the octagon was filled with blood mainly from Condit who was cut bad over the right eye in the very first round. I have some pictures but they were to graphic to post here. My hats go off to these two gentleman who have my vote as the bout of the century. What about you? What do you think about the UFC and this fight. Talk to me:
1) Did you get to watch this fight?
2) What do you think about the heart of these two individuals?
3) Would you watch this fight again?

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