Gelly Sandwich Nails

4 years ago

I had done a full review on my Sensationail at home gel polish kit. I love it and have used it a few times with wear up to 2 weeks - could have been longer but the base of my nail growth started to show. Usually around the end of the 2 weeks is when a chip or peel will start to happen. I read about sandwiching regular (non-gel) polish between a base coat and top coat of gel and thought this would be a great way to get use of my regular nailpolishes. I tried it and it looked good. The downside is that you have to let your regular nailpolish completely dry before putting on the gel top coat or else it will wrinkle. I did this and I hate letting my polish dry, especially after being spoiled with the immediate results of dry nails with my Sensationail system. So, that was a major drawback. The other drawback is that you only get 1 week of wear with the sandwiching method. I guess the gel color really helps because I saw peeling and chips not even a full week into my gelly sandwich nails! I was very disappointed and will continue to only use the gel color with my gel system. Sensationail is coming out with some new colors, but they are pretty expensive at 11.99 for a small bottle.

The photo is after 6 days of wear with the gelly sandwich method. I used OPI in Sweetheart for the test. See the chip and peeling at the base of my nails? :-(

Photo is mine.

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